Scientific Poster on Supermassive Black Holes (2013)

Scientific poster presenting and illustrating my research, which is published as:

The influence of magnetic fields, turbulence, and UV radiation on the formation of supermassive black holes, Van Borm, C. & Spaans, M. 2013, A&A, 553, L9

Short summary     Observational evidence suggests that some very large supermassive black holes (SMBHs) already existed less than 1 billion years after the Big Bang. Explaining the formation and growth of the ‘seeds’ of these SMBHs is quite challenging. We explore the formation of such seeds in the direct collapse scenario. In particular, here we explore different ways in which the collapsing gas may be able to stay hot, and thus limit fragmentation. Using a one-zone model, we examine the interplay between magnetic fields, turbulence, and a UV radiation background.

The circular layout is intended to emulate the collapse of gas into the black hole in the center, and also to draw special attention to the conclusions.

SMBH Poster (simple model results)